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Meet the WCM Staff


Cortney G.


As the owners of Willow Creek Mansion all we can say is this; God is a wonderful, mighty, faithful, loving God and we owe all the glory to Him. God is the one who made all this possible and I would love to be able to share our testimony, which is essentially His testimony, just ask!  :)


Opening a wedding venue was placed on Cortney's heart in 2016 and she is still amazed that this dream has turned into a reality. Cortney has the passion along with the personality to make whatever type of event at Willow Creek Mansion an absolute success!


Mattie P.


Mattie started working for WCM as a Coordinator just over 3 years ago and recently just took a full time position with WCM in the spring of 2023. She has been an amazing addition and we are so blessed to have her on our team!

This beauty is typically the face you see when you make an appointment to come and tour the mansion or the one answering/returning the phone calls as well as texts. Mattie is also one of our Coordinators. She loves Coordinator and helping our couples from the very beginning all the way to the very end. Oh and did I mention she is also our social media guru? 🤩 We keep this lady busy! But man oh man is she a gem.


Hannah B.


If you haven’t already had the opportunity to meet Hannah, you’re missing out! This gorgeous lady is full of energy and life! While you may not see her as much anymore, she is defiantly still and will always be a part of WCM. We can honestly say that she has helped create so much of what Willow Creek Mansion is today and we are extremely grateful to have her on the team.


Ashli M.


Coordination is no joke. Yet Ashli LOVES it! She is fabulous at what she does and makes it seem easy, which it's not. Her goal is to help as many brides as she can have a fun and peaceful day! Because every bride and every wedding are different.


Ashli is so amazing at tailoring to each couple and their individual 

needs. You may see her beautiful face at events or weddings as well because she helps out as one of our amazing Event Attendees. She has been such an incredible asset to the WCM team!


Alicin V.


Alicin started as one of our interns in fall of 2022. She has made her way from only attending events/weddings to Coordinating and planning. We have loved watching her shine and embrace every opportunity she has been presented with. Alicin is  also one of our "Event Attendee" and is always more then willing to help any event or wedding that she attends, even when she doesn't "have" to. 

This gal is sure to bring joy, laughter and a pop of color everywhere she goes. She has been a perfect edition to our team!


Noel H.


Also one of our interns, Noel is everything sweet and kind. She is one of our event attendees. She loves the event and wedding industry and keeps herself busy from Coordinating, podcasting to creating unique wedding gifts. We are honored to have this lovey lady on our team!

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